Volunteer for nation Father/Mother

Do you want to experience a great sporting moment from the inside? Why not accompany one of the 12 nations to the 2019 Kin-Ball World Cup?
Become a volunteer for the 2019 Kin-Ball World Cup, which will take place in the city of Les Ponts-de-Cé from Monday, October 28 to Saturday, November 2!

Benevole Kin-Ball World Cup

Missions :

Fathers & Mothers are the referees of a foreign delegation for the duration of the competition.

Their missions are to:

  • Welcome the players upon their arrival, take them to their accommodation and accompany them in the allocation of rooms,
  • Drive players between the different sites during the competition week (accommodation, training rooms, competition rooms...),
  • To be the privileged interlocutor between the delegation and the organizers;


  • Be at least 19 years old and 1 year of driving licence to drive a minibus,
  • Have some knowledge of foreign languages,
  • Be available throughout the week of competition;

Are you interested?

Join us! Send us an email to benevole2019@kin-ball.fr

You are not available all week? But can you come for a day, two or three days? You are welcome to join us!